If Bikini Kill and The Clash had a lovechild but it was raised by Courtney Love, chances are Femegades would be that kid.

Having earned an honorary Riot GRRRL badge with their debut EP "Pornsick", tackling themes such as women subjected to male violence and consent head-on, this London-based quartet used the ironically titled "Not All Men" EP to push the boundaries even further. Whilst staying true to an approach of supplying catchy, clean vocals and melodies with hard-hitting lyrics that are both sensitive to the subject matter and delivered with a sense of optimism.

Both singles from their forthcoming 3rd EP have received airplay on BBC Radio 1. And with "Depleted" delving into the expectations of motherhood, and "What Is Yours Is Mine" exploring a world where every woman has a price tag, Femegades continue to show they have no fear in delving into subjects others won't touch, through their unique brand of militant, melodic punk-rock.